Tuesday, 8 November 2011

On to Auckland & a day with a new friend!

Sleep! That's what my body was telling me I needed. I had a final hour or two to walk around Waitangi and Paihia, before getting my 4 hr bus back to Auckland and a return to 'Backpacker Life'! A few final shots of Waitangi....
Having slept through most of the bus journey the sight of Auckland approaching caught my attention...My Hostel see below, was called Surf n Snow and cost $30 (NZ) about 17 pounds a night (the keyboard doesn't have a pound sign!) for a 5 bed dorm. So after checking in and getting a quick bite to eat I fell asleep about 8pm, and didn't wake up until the following morning!
I had a good look around before being met by my host for the day - an internet OT friend. We had only had contact before this day through facebook, after she had read a previous blog of mine about Vietnam. We had a lovely 8 hours in and around Auckland! Starting off at the Museum, which had exhibitions on Volcanoes, the Maori culture and much much more gave me a good flavor of New Zealand in general. See below
After this and a quick shopping trip, we headed to an area called Mission Beach, and to a Belgium Cafe with some live jazz music, and some excellent wine & food. It was great getting another perspective on life and Therapy in new Zealand, and also having only ever spoken 'on-line' before, it was great to be able to meet face to face, and discuss the relative pros & cons regarding this kind of communication. My friend was interesting to listen too, as not being born here in New Zealand, she was able to give me an insight into further cultural issues in everyday life here.
After a further drive around, I was dropped me off at the hostel and oh did I sleep well that night... well I say I slept well, I did, but one of my 3 room mates, not only snores, but seems to be a Vampire.. he is out all night, and then sleeping most of the day. I'm pretty sure he's out drinking too, as the room smells pretty badly each morning! Ah the joy's of hostels!
Monday, proved to be a tourist day! I explored the city on foot, wandered through parks, shopping centres, had a massage, and started the blog. So I'll end by sharing some of the sights around Auckland! Enjoy the views!
And always end on a funny picture if possible... this is a genuine board outside a church, made in preparation for the Rugby world cup...
I finished the day with a trip to the cinema, (something I always like to do when I am so far away from home, as it gives me a sense of normality). I watched the movie 'In-time' which was comical in parts, even though it was not supposed to be, and one more thing I learned is that in New Zealand, you are supposed to sit in the seat you have been allocated, even if the cinema is not busy... ah well, you live and learn!
Regards from New Zealand.

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