Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Final Post - Saying Goodbye in Style!

I hope the blog has given a little insight into the 2011 NZAOT Clinical Workshops, and OT issues in New Zealand itself!
So after the previous days visit to the University and meeting with old friends, my final day was mainly a day for preparing for my third 10 hour+ flight in 2 weeks, blogging, and fridge magnet shopping, (Julia & Lindsey be grateful!). I had returned to the hostel and packed my bag, as I had to leave the hostel at 0700, get a 40 minute bus to the airport and check in around 0800 for my 10:00 flight to Seoul, Korea.
Fortunately I had one last social event left. Cara, a NZ Occupational Therapist had been in touch and offered to take me out for a wee drink, and then on to another OT's place (Johnathan) for dinner! Cara took me to a nice bar/pub where we exchanged social and OT histories, before heading over to Johnathan & Jeremy's place. With Johnathan & Jeremy both being from the UK originally and now working in New Zealand, we quickly got into some story swapping and I was left to admire their view of the city from their balcony as they prepared dinner.
The beers were flowing, and a lovely chicken pie with vegetables was served up, followed by Cara's ice-cream with mixed berries as a desert! A win win for me on my last night. Now I know it's easy to say it, but that last night was so much fun, and so indicative of the warm and friendly
welcome I had received by so many people during the past ten days. I honestly felt like it was four long-time friends sat around a dinner table having a good laugh and catch up. Unfortunately the night had to come to an end, as it was a school night for the other three and I had my early wake up and flight! Cara dropped me off back at my hostel, and as I watched her drive away, I had a feeling that this would not be the last time I see the OT's of New Zealand. I hope this turns out to be the case, and it is not just wishful thinking.
So all that leaves me to do is to say a huge thanks to the many lovely,kind, and friendly folk who not only bought me cups of tea, dinner or kept me entertained, but who opened a bit of their personal and professional lives up to me during this lovely trip!

I also have to mention that I found the best value for money massages chair in Auckland Airport, (just $1 - that's just 50pence for 3 mins) and here it is! I wish I hadn't tipped that waitress $2 now!
I will not be blogging from Korea, as that is my holiday time, so thanks for all those people who took the time to read the blog and commented.
For the last time, regards from New Zealand!

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