Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Journey - 1 train 2 days, 3 Planes, 4 Buses! & a warm, friendly welcome!

Well as many a funny story usually happens in transition, I thought I'd just share a little of the journey from Manchester, UK, to Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Starting out On Sunday afternoon, I left my sister at the airport and flew to London (Heathrow). Being reminded of all the things I dislike about London, aorund Heathrow, I eargely awaited my first 10 hour flight. Why did we have xmas decorations up in October???
Air Korea was my chosen airline thanks to my wonderful travel consultant (Liv - at the Flight Centre)! A big thumbs up to Air Korea, as the service was friendly, quick and efficient, and 10 hours easily passed in between food, free movies on the plane, and a little sleep!

I was a little surprised to find myself with just 45 minutes to get off one plane in Seoul, South Korea, and go directly to the gate to get on 10 hour + flight number two to Auckland! Seoul airport offered some nice sights!

On flight number 2, sleep was not an option, and I simply bored myself silly for 10 hours watching the movies on the small tv in the back of the seat infront of me, thought the guy who was sat in that seat clearly wanted to give me a challenge, by changing the angle of his seat every 30 mins - for 10 hours!!!!

Arriving at Auckland International airport on Tuesday morning at 0830, I had a quick wash the toilets, before finding the first of many amazingly friendly Kiwis! The girl on the information desk had a bus ticket to the city centre, with another bus ticket (this one to my final destination), in my hand before I could finishing saying hello! A quick 30 min bus trip had me in Auckland centre, with 2 hours to kill before getting my bus out to Paihia. I had a bit of breakfast, before finding some suitable accommation on my return to Auckland 5 days later. Leaving Auckland... A quick hour sleep at the bus station, followed by 2-3 hours more sleep on the 4 hour bus journey to the beautiful Paihia helped me feel a little more human. After getting off the bus I met the first of many OT's who made me feel so welcome. Rosie, originally from the UK, bought me a much needed cup of tea, whilst we waited for the free hotel shuttle bus to come pick us up. The Melbourne 'Gold Cup' Horse race was on the TV, which had everyone in the cafe going a little crazy! The shuttle bus arrived and took us the two minute drive around the corner to the hotel and the following scenes! A quick walk into Paihia town, and a bite to eat at the Thai Garden restaurant prepared me for the best night's sleep I have had in a long time! Next day.. conference day 1!!!!

Regards from New Zealand

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