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Week 29 - Hobbit World Premiere, Burlesque Shows - Hobbit Style & Beating the 'All Blacks'!

Starbucks going for the Hobbit Theme!
Hello everyone!
There is no way around talking about the 'BIG EVENT' this week here in Wellington (MIDDLE OF MIDLE EARTH) - The World Premiere of the Hobbit Part I, movie. Not only did we have Hobbit markets, Lord of the Rings (LOTR) free film showings, and the main event itself, but there was even Burlesque shows with the Hobbit theme!
Needless to say, that I have been incredibly busy at work too, especially with dealing with service wide communication issues, and OT group presentations.

First up this week was the Hobbit markets and the FREE SCREENINGS of the LOTR films open-air style. It was nowhere near as warm as in Australia, but as the pictures show, there were plenty of people, wrapped up ready for the Wellington wind enjoying the free movies! This was the third of the LOTR films, on Tuesday night, and it was almost panto like, with cheers, gasps and applause from the 1000+ audience! 
Free Lord of the Rings screening
Free LOTR screening 
Free LOTR Screening
Following the free screenings of the LOTR movies Sunday - Tuesday evenings at 6pm, the big day finally arrived! Wednesday the 28th November, and the World Premiere of the Hobbit movie rolled into town. Roads were closed, traffic diverted around the city, and fans had slept overnight on the street to get a good view along the 600m red carpet walk through COURTNEY PLACE, heading to the Embassy Theatre. I was working til 5, but finished a little early to try and at least get a sense of the atmosphere. The film started at 7pm, but celebrities started the long walk down the red carpet from 4:30pm. (It was a long red carpet.) There were big screens, and even a low flying specially decorated 'Hobbit Plane' flew past!  Here's a few pictures of the day...
Hobbit - World Premiere
Channel 3 news - with the crowd.
The Embassy Cinema,
Check the banner on the window ledge
Start of the long red carpet....
People were trying to get a view anywhere they could...
Special low fly by - Hobbit decorated plane!
THE WEEKEND - After the major event what else could Wellington possibly offer???? Well how about a Burlesque dance performance with a Hobbit theme! After Friday night drinks with my neighbours, Saturday lunch with a friend & colleague (Faye), myself and my friend/neighbour (Kala) thought we'd try and add a both of culture to the weekend. We started with attending the Circa Theatre - 2013 programme unveiling, with free food and drinks, with a description of next year's shows...
Circa Theatre - Programme launch
We followed the more classy event at the Theater by heading to the 'Fringe Bar' (a pretty grotty place -which should have told us about the kind of performance we were about to witness), and were looking forward to the Burlesque show BARE & BACK AGAIN - A JOURNEY TO MIDDLE EARH (see picture below....)
The poster says it all...
The show was pretty 'Bare' and not exactly family friendly, so I'm afraid for copyright reasons, (and the  family friendly nature of this blog) I'll keep the pictures to a minimum. Needless to say that whilst the performers had their own talents, comparisons to middle earth were minimal, It was an entertaining night but it'll be unlikely that I'll be returning to the Wellington Burlesque scene anytime soon. We left swiftly after the show finished, but not before getting a cheeky photo.
Me with a Burlesque performer
Burlesque dancers
I could not possibly go without mentioning the huge sporting weekend as I pretty much didn't sleep Saturday night (not just because I was still recovering from the Burlesque viewing), but also because I stayed up to watch the football and rugby! Watching Liverpool win another game, was pretty good, but nothing compared to watching England beat New Zealand 38-21 (Largest ever winning margin over NZ), and the only team to beat NZ this year. A brilliant day to be an Englishman in NZ!
Regards from New Zealand.

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