Saturday, 24 November 2012

Week 28 - It's all about a Hobbit & Crisis Management at work.

Hello Everybody!
For any Lord Of The Rings fan, you'll know that the WORLD PREMIERE of 'The Hobbit' shows here in Wellington on Wednesday night. I will no doubt go down, (as close as I can get to the red carpet), to see if I can get any pictures, or maybe a seat in the back row? 
Just walking around Wellington this week you will see all sorts of Hobbit related posters, adverts and events. One of the merger events are the 'Hobbit Artisan Markets' - see pictures below. This is in an open plan area by the waterfront and famous 'Te Papa' museum, and is an open vent for the next 3 days leading up to Wednesday night's opening of the movie! 
Hobbit Markets
Hobbit Markets
Hobbit Markets
Hobbit Markets
One of the best things about this festival, is that from tonight (Sunday) until Tuesday there will be free showings of the 3 Lord Of The Rings Films, one each night at 6pm. So I'll try and get some pictures of that later. The problem for me is that it's also the final of New Zealand's Got Talent tonight, and my mate has text about meeting up! Choices choices! I might go along there later just for a look around! It won't be warm like in the open air cinema in Brisbane! Just to show you Hobbit fever, look what Starbucks did to the outside of their shop for the event.... (I originally thought it was a Christmas decoration, but if you look closely it's 'middle earth'! 
Starbucks in the 'Shire'
Socially it's been a reasonable week! In between episodes of Homeland & Glee, cups of tea with my neighbour Kala, Yoga and the gym, I had a fun day yesterday after being invited for lunch with a group of young women, (friends of a friend). After an Indian lunch, we headed off to the movies to watch the new James Bond movie - 'SKYFALL'. It was pretty good I must say! I've also met up with the guy I am doing some youth mentoring for, and had a fun afternoon of Go-Karting and Laser Quest! I probably should let him win next time! That's the problem with teenagers, they just make you want to beat them! 

AT WORK it's been a pretty hectic week, with more than one of my clients in some kind of crisis, and plenty of people needing some really intensive support. I discussed the issue of 'vicarious trauma' a couple of weeks ago, but I have to mention the team ethic, here and just how important it has been this week, with lots of us needing others support to manage some quite risky situations. Having a good team to share the sense of responsibility is essential. There had been quite a few difficult conversations held this week in the course of this kind of work, and it's the kind of thing that you didn't really get taught about at University, something that simply comes with experience, and hopefully through great colleagues to learn from. (Here I should mention Brian Giblin, Sue Negas, Wendy Daniels, James Vignon, to name a few - who taught me so much about how to deal with emotionally charged situations in mental health). My learning continues, 10 years in to my professional career, and I can't wait to share that learning with my upcoming student! 

To finish the post, I should share this photo of a scene I saw yesterday on the main pedestrian shopping street here in the city, yesterday.
City Centre Meditation
You have to love these random things that go on here all over the city! 
Regards from New Zealand! 

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