Tuesday, 29 December 2015

September - December 2015

Hello Everybody,
Well it's nice to be back writing and sharing a little of what's been one of the most cray years of my life. I've already written about my time living & getting married in Colombia in another blog: www.otdanincolombia.blogspot.com Getting married has obviously changed my life beyond recognition, but it hasn't stopped me from keeping up my Occupational Therapy relationships thriving. My wife (below) is an OT - which is really no surprise.
 The journey before getting back to New Zealand just as eventful as some of my previous round the world travels. A 16 hour stop in New York became an overnight stay as the absolutely shocking USA airport staff and Delta Airlines showed their continued incompetence by over-booking the plane. This worked out well for me though as I got extra time in New York and time with my long time friend, Petra. Check out some of the famous NY sights below...
Times Square, NY
Views from the Empire State, NY
Catching up with Petra for lunch, NY
Night at the Museum fans will like this one...
 This shot (taken in central park) might not be so recognizable but I loved it too much to leave it out...
Central Park, NY
Returning to New Zealand was never going to be difficult. I say this for many reasons. I had a great time in Colombia and wished I could have had more time with my new family, and more time with my own family and friends in the UK, but I was also very happy to get back to this beautiful country and get the chance to return to work and the new opportunities ahead. That said, my amazing friends in New Zealand made the transition easy. Friends (Frank & Fran) put me up in a truly stunning place with the most amazing views (see below)
Views from my Temporary Home, Karaka Bay, NZ
Karaka Bay, Wellington, NZ
I needed a little bit of temperature adjustment and had a couple of freezing nights (following months of intense heat in Colombia), before my body adjusted to a NZ Spring. Moving in to a place that had everything I needed so I could just dump my bags was brilliant! Walking into a new (old) job just 5 days after arriving back in the country was also a good thing as within a week, I was pretty much feeling back to my previous life. (Minus my wife and step-son of course)   
Wellington always has lots of stuff going on all year round, but one event in particular caught my attention. ROBBIE WILLIAMS was playing a concert at the Basin Reserve (One of the most famous cricket grounds in the world). I went with my good mate Ros and we one had a truly brilliant night singing along to songs from our younger years! 
Robbie Williams Concert @ The Basin Reserve
Rocking Robbie!
I had a few weeks to basically get myself organized: start work, readjust to New Zealand life, find a house for my family and well, you know.... find some time to enjoy life. So, as anyone that knows me knows I tend to search out what's going on in and around the place where I live. This is no different with a wife and teenager in toe. So after just one or two weeks after arriving in the country the family was running around the water front dresses as Santa (with another 300+) other Santas, as part of the Kidscan Charity Santa Run - held all over New Zealand....
Santa Run, Wellington
Needless to say the difference in lifestyles between  the bustling and busy Bogota, Colombia and here in the wonderful waterfront of Wellington, NZ is absolutely huge! So views from our new home, (like these pictures below), definitely help with settling into this totally new world. 
Views from the new home...
Views from the new home...
CHANGE  has been the one constant factor in life this year (2016). Change in my working life, change in my country of residence twice (& Continent), a change in climate, a change in marital status, moving home 3 times, and finally a change in becoming a parent to a teenager overnight. I'm a bit over change to be honest! Still, some change is unavoidable. One thing I can definitely say is that change is not something that worries me anymore!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Wellington, NZ.

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