Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Week 43 - The randomness of life...

Hello everybody, and a big congratulations to my beloved Liverpool won finally managed to beat a good team this season! (3-2 Vs Tottenham)! This made me smile lots especially as I had woken up at 05:00 to watch them play! Sports have been a pretty big subject of conversation around these parts lately. Well I say sport, but of course I mean rugby and cricket, because the rugby season has started and Wellington actually have a decent team - The Hurricanes! They did lose their first two games of the season, but somehow managed to steal a 29-28 win against the Crusaders on Friday night. The game was exciting with such a good late win, but the number of basic mistakes, like dropping the ball, and throwing it forwards (so that's basically the two most fundamental parts of the game) - made me think they had secretly used the Wellington Phoenix (football) team players instead! Still, in sports as in life you just sometimes need a little bit of luck, and that's what happened when the Hurricane's winger intercepted a long pass and ran to score the try unopposed, much to the delight of the home crowd, myself included! 
The England cricket team have arrived in NZ and played the first 'Test' (That's a 5 day game of cricket). Unsurprisingly, they started awfully and just about rescued a draw! They second 5 day test starts Thursday, here in Wellington, and I'll be hoping to at least see some of the match as I can see the stadium from my balcony! 
Now to the main point this week... It's been a very social week, with plenty of social drinks both in the city, and in people's homes - that's how I know I feel more settled as I start to get invited around to people's homes. A lovely night at the movies watching the brilliantly funny 'I give it a year' was followed by a gorgeous tapas meal at Havana Bar with an OT colleague of mine. Drinks with Soo Yin and a review of all the photos from last weekend was also good, fun, before a busy old weekend with the rugby, and drinks with flat mates & John, from the 'week 40' - adventure weekend made the whole weekend feel pretty busy. Then sunday cam along, which brings me to the picture below....  
Sunday's scene...
...picture the scene above.... our living room table, with wine, water, cider, and beer, alongside grapes, cheese, olives, and gingernut biscuits (no prizes for guessing who the biscuits belong to!). Now picture the views, as you can see in the original picture at the start of the blog..... and to add a truly surreal bit of detail, the 5 people around the table, include a Frenchman, Englishman Chilean, with a Malaysian and Kiwi (NZ) to complete the group! The very randomness of my new life, and the people in my life, and the people that these people bring into my life, really made me think a little about that moment I took the picture. 5 people, from 5 nationalities and from 4 continents, who 7 months ago had never even met each other or knew of each other's existence were sat around a table in NZ, spending the afternoon together talking and joking around!  A most random day indeed! 

Anyway, at the risk of leaving this week's blog a bit shorter than usual, I am in desperate need of sleep after very busy start to the week, and the need to complete the yearly re-registering process for the OT Board, which costs a staggering $558 (£280) - just for a 'Practicing Certificate' which you can't work without.  There is also Go-Karting tomorrow night after work too with the Wellington Wonders' Group that will allow me to get competitive and relax in a different kind of way! 
I can almost see myself getting on that plane to Vietnam soon!
Regards from New Zealand! 

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