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Week 39 - The big move, February 6th = Waitangi Day, and the importance of team work!

Hi Everyone! Sorry this will be a bit short and sweet this week, but I'll explain why! I'm currently sat in my 'old' studio apartment, because I still have internet connection here for a few more days, and also because I need to finish cleaning it, but am getting distracted by the computer! 

Myself and Kala had an early start yesterday having prepared all our things for the removal guys to arrive Saturday morning. Kala had not long set off to be at the new place to collect the keys, and for an inspection, when the removal guys arrived, and within 20 mins we were packed and setting off 5 minutes down the road, to our new 5th floor apartment! There is no lift, but there is a courtesy entrance form the building next door which comes out on the 4th floor, which was a god send. Myself and the 2 guys had all the stuff moved from the old address to the new place within an hour! I also had a car load of stuff (car was courtesy of Kala's generous mate Andrea). So myself and Kala did the last of the unloading - I later thought I'd make use of the car and go and buy an extra wardrobe for the 'Warehouse' but got a bit excited about how much weight I thought I could carry. So after having a guy from the shop get the wardrobe in the car, (flat packed), I needed to ask 2 passers by to get it in the building, and another two tenants in the building to help me up the stairs. I then spent 2.5 hours fighting a losing battle to put the bloody thing together! Anyway enough of my traumas! (Tibo - flatmate number 3 is due to arrive back from his holidays next weekend to complete the merry trio!).... the best thing about the new place - apart from having a separate bedroom, bathroom and living space, is the view from our balcony... enjoy the pictures below! 
Views from new Living room
Moving into new flat!
New flat! 
Views from new living room...
Views from new flat...
Looking towards Mt Victoria
Every year on 6 February, New Zealand marks the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. In that year, representatives of the British Crown and over 500 Māori chiefs signed what is often considered to be New Zealand’s founding document. The day was first officially commemorated in 1934, and it has been a public holiday since 1974.

For some people, Waitangi Day is a holiday; for many, and especially for Māori, it is the occasion for reflecting on the Treaty. Since the 1970s the style and mood of the commemorations on Waitangi Day have been influenced by the increasingly heated debate surrounding the place of the Treaty in modern New Zealand.

Falling on a Wednesday this year was great, as it meant I got a day off mid-week! The day was used productively as I packed and cleaned as much as I possibly could in preparation for the move, and had chance have a proper chat with my mum after my parent''s recent trip to Antartica/Sth America! (Lucky buggers!). But by 4:30 pm, I was fed up of cleaning and smelling like bleech, so I thought I would go down to the waterfront, to join in the Waitangi Day celebrations by the wharf. I knew there was a free (so many free events here) event on, with live music, and I also knew there was supposed to be a free 'salsa at sunset' class on about 6pm. I knew the teachers of the lesson so I went along. A small crowd had formed, and I sat there patiently eating my donuts waiting for the class to start. Just along the bench where I was sat I happened to notice a young woman sit down and watch what was going on. The class started, and included a warm up, salsa, cha cha cha, and latin 'hip-hop' moves! During the class people paired up, and the same young woman happened to be next to me, so we paired up. Now I am not a great dancer, (no laughing please Jenny Ellis!) - but I can hold my own on the salsa floor, and fortunately so could the young woman (Kylie). It turned out that Kylie was from Australia, (though we'll forgive her for that), and had been at a conference, and was having a few days holiday in NZ before returning to OZ. She was in Wellington for just one day, and had heard the music and randomly stopped by. 
A drink followed the dancing it been really hot here for past 2 weeks, and again quite randomly Kylie mentioned she had been told of to go and watch the Famous NZ movie called 'Boy', which was being shown (for free) by the waterfront later on. I had also planned to go and so, we met later on to watch the movie in the 'film by starlight' events, on the inflatable screen in 'Waitangi Park' - coincidence I assure you! Following the movie, we got a couple of drinks at one of my favourite bars, before saying goodbye! 
The point of sharing this story, was to share the total sense of randomness which started out for both of us being at that salsa event, and having an afternoon and evening with a total stranger, for a total of 5 hours. These kind of things happened to me a lot when I was traveling and I used to love it when I'd have a totally unexpected fab experience with total strangers, so it was great that this happened within the context of my 'normal life'. I'll add a picture / video for context! 
Waitangi Day - free waterfront events...
Salsa by sunset class - Waitangi Day

I can't possibly go without a really quick mention about work this week. It;s been ridiculously busy for us all, and for myself too. I've been at ED (Emergency department) for work reasons and dealing with some quite heavy stuff, including the odd crisis. I know this is part of the job, but the way this team I work for in Mental health Services deals with this stuff is great. Everyone just dives in and helps each other out in any way possible, without being asked. Having such a brilliant team, not only helps ease the work load times of crisis, but help deal with the emotional workload. The occasional 'afternoon' tea also helps, which this week included a Friday 'ice-cream and cake' session - which on a serious note, is one way to help staff wind down emotionally after a long week, and deal with the vicarious trauma that comes with this kind of work.

Regards from Wonderful Wellington, NZ

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