Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 22 - Volunteering, an Italian film, & a return to the Botanical Gardens!

Favourite picture of the week!

Hi Everyone! 
Life here this week has been busy again, though this week has been busy with sporty stuff... quite Kiwi like! The weather has been pretty shocking this weekend, apart from today, probably the worst I have seen it since I was here, fortunately I was indoors most of yesterday for the worst of it! (Pictures are from the Botanical Gardens).
Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
There's been the usual routines, Monday Night Yoga, followed by Monday night $10 large pizza, from 'Heaven' - thought it's becoming a bit too routine as the guy at the counter not only remembered my order, but remembered my name too! hmm.... There was a second round of drinks with Ros, an OT from the UK, who I'm hoping to do some teaching with in the next year, and round two of neighbour outings, which I'll come onto later! 
Botanical Gardens
 So the main event this week/weekend was Saturday's Basketball fun day! Basketball I hear you ask??? Yes, Basketball - Having started the volunteering process with 'special olympics wellington' as mentioned in last week's blog, I was invited to come and 'help out' at the end of year sunday in the town of Porirua. I say 'help out' - the athletes have far greater knowledge and ability to know what's happening than I do when it comes to basketball, but I'm always keen to try new things! I was offered a lift by one of the other volunteers, who has a had a long career in the army - and was really interesting to chat with.

Once at the event for close to 150 athletes with intellectual disabilities / learning disabilities, the warm up began - with some kind of boxing / aerobics, that felt a little inappropriate to me! Still, I have to learn to accept the things that are a little different! The exercises and skill drills soon began, and I was happy to be abel to help out repeating instructions for the athletes. I was working up a sweat myself, but enjoying seeing such a diverse group of people from all ages, enjoying the activities and cheering each other on. Lunch rolled around, giving me chance to catch up properly with the other coaches / volunteers. The afternoon games session quickly ensued, which led more pretty amazing shooting including some pretty amazing 3 point shots! 

After the day finished, I joined my fellow volunteer Abbie, in visiting her friend in Whitby (yes there are many towns with English Town names...) Abbie and her friends were in the Army so had some pretty interesting experiences, (I won't go into that here). Just wanted to note the random moments I find myself in - sitting having tea with three Army folk in Whitby! 
Tulips @ Botanical Gardens
After last weekend's social adventures, I found myself invited to the movies on Friday night with my neighbours. The film was at one of those old fashioned cinemas/theatres with real character - The Paramount! The film was Italian 'Benvenuti al Sud' (Welcome to the South), and was surprisingly funny! It's been a while since being reminded of the different lifestyle of Europe, and it was full Italian stereotypes, and had me chuckling along! 
Botanical Gardens
Sunday was a much better day, with the sunshine allowing me to get outdoors, and most importantly get my washing dry - not easy when you live in a studio flat on the first floor! Anyway, I took the opportunity to head up to the Botanical Gardens, and catch up with Iris. It was windy, but I'm getting used to the wind, so I was enjoying adding to my slowly developing T-shirt tan, and enjoying the fresh air! I also got to take some nice photos, as you can see in this blog and my favorite one of the bird at the on the flower at the top of this page. It was good to catch up with Iris too, before heading back home and catching up with NZ' Got Talent semi-final 1! Not too bad, but it was a bit rough around the edges... and none of the judges ever saying anything bad at all... just not in the nature here to say something overly critical about another person... 

Ok, well, it's just 6 days to my first proper holiday - to visit two great friends in Brisbane, Australia! Can't wait to have a week to relax, soak up the sun, and catch up with good friends! It'll also be nice to have the chance to do some decent clothes shopping! 

Regards from New Zealand! 

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