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WEEK 18 NZ's GOT TALENT, 4 Months in & the best excuse for putting on weight I ever heard!!

Hello Everyone,
It's been a pretty unremarkable week here, or should I say it's been a perfectly normal week for once No road trips, no adventure activities, no random visitors... just a normal week. So at the risk of upsetting any anti-reality TV / anti-TV Talent Contest people, I wanted to share a little bit of tonight's New Zealand's Got Talent programme, to highlight the Kiwi style to this show...

NZ's Got Talent Contestant
NZ"s Got Talent contestant
It's really nice how they tell a little bit of some people's story without going over the top like in the UK & US versions. Tonight there was a real variety of acts including dancers, singers, musicians (marimba), a 'contact' juggler, and even two guys playing the spoons! Thought the issue I wanted to say, is that you don't get anyone coming on stage with an arrogance or attitude issue and if someone is not too great, the judges don't get nasty and the crowd don't shout "off off off", it's a more humane response.

NZ's Got Talent
NZ's Got Talent .. Marimba guys...
There was a particular story of one contestant tonight who wanted to sing for her dad, who passed away in a mining accident. She sang ok, and sang a nice song, without being amazing, but you could just sense the entire place felt the emotion There was no huge build up, just a little mention of the reason she wanted to sing... I think the US & UK versions could learn a lot from this show about humility! Hope this show keeps this quality, in keeping with the NZ mentality!

I also wanted to share some thoughts of being here for 4 months, and the scene in my room/studio today that looked like a chinese laundry! One of the issues of not having central heating is that if you live in a place like mine (apartments/studios) you need to have air flow - open all draws, wardrobes etc to stop your clothes from getting musty and smelly! So I decided I would have the day at home doing washing and taking all my clothes out of the cupboards to get some fresh air... and have the window open... (the open problem was my room looked liked the Scene from the Pantomime Aladdin with Widow Twanky in the Chinese laundry!)...
My Studio / Chinese laundry scene! 
4 MONTH REVIEW - So, as this past week ticked by with a pretty intense / busy week at work, I realised Friday was the 14th, and exactly 4 months since I have been here in Wellington, NZ. This weekend has also coincided with spending lots of time on Skype speaking with friends and family which is always a fun experience having conversations about life etc on camera... I often forget in the middle of long conversations that all my actions can be seen by the other person! But more importantly what are the major things I have learned about life here / my life so far...
1) People living in Wellington appear quite healthy, probably because they have natural treadmills to walk on.... the hills everywhere in the city!
2) Windy Wellington is not just a nickname for this place - it blows people over!
3) Tall Poppy Syndrome (not standing out from the crowd) seems like an important phenomenon to understand here in daily interactions.
4) Learn to like rugby, or you're buggered to see sports without having Sky TV!
5) I'm living healthily, but have substituted my social activities in the UK, for healthy(less social) things here... need to change that round in the next 3 months!

THE BEST EXCUSE FOR PUTTING ON WEIGHT EVER.... came on Wednesday evening when I went out for drinks and a bite to eat, with a person who shall remain nameless for now... As we were talking about life in NZ and the interesting things about life here, I was saying I had become more healthy. My friend said she felt healthy but had put on weight since getting here... her rationale for this was that it was so windy in Wellington one time the wind blew her over, so now she is a little heavier she hasn't fallen over since! Brilliant eh!?

EARLY MORNING FOOTBALL - Last night, (Saturday), I watched the Southern Hemisphere version of the 6 Nations Rugby tournament, (4 Nations) - which took until about midnight, then I went to the pub about 01:00 to try and watch some of the English football. I managed to watch half of the early game, then was able to watch the Manchester City and Chelsea games at 02:00! As the clock struck 04:00 and I was awake enough to watch the Liverpool game, the pub closed! I was not impressed! I almost went to my 24 hr gym to see if the game was on the TV there... tough times!

Ok, next week is the NZ National OT conference in Hamilton, which I will be going to, so will have plenty of stuff to share! Networking here we come!

Regards from New Zealand!
(Oh just want to say thanks to those of you that read the blog and a special hi to Aunty Olive! I miss you all lots!)

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