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Week 7 - "My Kingdom for a light bulb!" & Getting a hair cut!

View from the Cable Car.
Hey Everyone, I hear, and have seen shocking pictures, of the floods in the UK this summer, and listen to some folk here complain it's cold... (it's about 12 degrees). Firstly just want to say a big hi to Gemma & Anthony who have been on their stag / hen parties this weekend, hope it's been amazing and can't wait for the wedding stories and pics soon!
Here this week, it's been a week full of normal goings on and more lovely hospitality. I also managed to gatecrash a student performance of Romeo & Juliet which led to some funny situations.. more of that later! The pictures on the blog this week come from today's walk around the Botanical Gardens and along the harbour. For those of you going to visit, find this sign, and you'll find the cable car!

Good Signage!

The cable car!

Looking back at the City
So, to explain about this week's title. As part of my rental agreement I have to replace any light bulbs that break. So when one of my kitchen bulbs did go, I thought 'no worries, I'll get one after work". I should realise that it's often the simple things that price to be more difficult. The major store over the road from my work, had every possible light bulb except the one I wanted, it had the right type, a size too small, and a size too big, but unlike Goldilocks... there were none that were just right! Never mind.. I walk past an electrical shop on the way to work, I'd just stop in there before or after work. I start work at 08:30 & finish at 5, and this shop had the same opening times. I was at the shop on Tuesday at 0825, no sign of anyone, so I had to move on. On Wednesday morning, I waited at the shop until 0830, still no sign of anyone. I returned just after 5 that day, but again the shop was closed.. damn it! Returning for the 3rd and final time on Thursday with no sign of anyone AGAIN...  I was soooo tempted to re-write the opening times on the shop door, and was starting to think the relaxed work nature here had a downside... (I'm sure it's only specific to that shop).... I searched all over on Saturday but again no luck, until I found the 'Light bulb man' shop... at last, the entire world's array of light bulbs at my fingertips... and there was my bulb! Just $19.90 (almost 10 pounds) for ONE BLOODY bulb!
Me modeling the 'Welly Winter Catalogue'

As the more observant of you have noticed, I have had a 'little' haircut. It's something that I always have  some fear about - getting a first haircut in a new place! I always worry that I'll end up with no hair left or a crazy style... fortunately for me, this local barber (on Cuba Street) was a friendly Brazilian guy, who was happy to share his views on living in Wellington / NZ as a foreigner. The cut was fine until he  tad me the price - $29 (14 pounds) for a barber haircut! I liked him a little less after that. I'm used to paying half that price! That might be something else that I just have to get used to I guess. 

Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens

It been another busy social week, with a colleagues birthday drinks Friday. I'm also going to the gym more than I ever have before and am definitely feeling more healthy! I think the fact that I am walking everywhere and not driving at all! On Tuesday I was invited by Jess (from the OT Board) for a dinner at her place with her sister, brother-in-law & her friend/colleague from the OT Board. Jess and her sister are originally from Malaysia, and treated me to a shed load of gorgeous food, whilst I introduced the TV concept of 'Come dine with me' though something got lost in translational one point which caused a few embarrassed faces! The idea stuck and this week there might be round 2! 

Amazing what you find when you wander! 
On Thursday, I had a rather unexpected experience - watching a College/University's quite different take on Shakespeare's 'Romeo & Juliet'. The young lady playing Juliet, is the cousin of one of my great mates from Uni (Nia in Wales). Nia had told me about the performance, and as it was literally 150 yards from my office I went. I did not realize it was not a professional performance, and obviously a 'youth' production, so as I ended up stood by myself surrounded by young people, with a bag of sweets in my hand, I had the odd uncomfortable moment or two when parents and friends of the cast were staring over. Still I have to say it was a great performance, though I have to say it took me a good hour to get over hearing Shakespeare done with some strong Kiwi accents! I am beginning to like the majority of accents here, though the odd one is still pretty hard on the ear.
Nice to know a place where they know your name!
Oh I also had another massage this week, at the same place - the Chinese 'pain shop' - though only this time instead of a small Chinese lady entering the room, a German guy called David came in and introduced himself as the masseur! Fair play to him, he caused as much pain as the Chinese ladies!
Ah - one of my favorite places to eat - and they have one here!
I am quite excited after hearing of some cheep flight internally in NZ, and so have booked trips to Christchurch & Auckland for consecutive weekends - which means getting to catch up with my mate Tony in Auckland soon. There is still so much I haven't even started to do in Wellington, but have mates coming who I can do some of that stuff with. Thinking of applying to present at the Singapore Occupational therapy Conference in October to, so could be busy times ahead!

Regards from New Zealand

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